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COMSEP Awards Program

The goal of the COMSEP Awards program is to honor COMSEP members in the following domains:

The COMSEP Teaching / Education Award is presented annually to an individual whose contributions to curriculum development and program leadership have been exemplary within the field of pediatric medical student education. The award recipient will have created novel educational methods or program structure, which has led to a high degree of learner satisfaction and improved educational outcomes. Optimally, these educational innovations have also been documented through scholarship (local and national dissemination) and the adoption of the award recipient's methodologies at other national programs.

The COMSEP Research / Scholarship Award is given to an individual who has contributed substantially to advancing the field of pediatric medical student education through their research and scholarly work. This recipient may also have a track record of mentoring students and younger faculty in the scholarship of medical education and may also have a demonstrated impact on changing student assessment and program evaluation at a national level.

The COMSEP Award for Excellence in Clerkship Administration is given annually to a clerkship administrator whose outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills have helped to bring recognition to their pediatric clerkship at their own institution and perhaps nationally. This individual should have a commitment to ongoing professional development as well as through participation at the national meeting.

The COMSEP Achievement Award is given to a current or former COMSEP member whose substantial contribution to the organization - in several realms - has resulted in the ongoing success, recognition, and growth of COMSEP. This individual has taken a lead role on at least one project of great significance to COMSEP. Further, this individual has served as a model of commitment to the organization as well as to the professional growth and development of other COMSEP members through such activities as program development, meeting planning, governance and mentoring.

Nominations are solicited in the fall of each year with winners announced during the annual spring meeting. All materials should be submitted electronically in pdf format through the COMSEP Awards web page.

Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationLakesha Baker
Research and ScholarshipGary Beck Dallaghan, PhD
COMSEP Achievement AwardWilliam Raszka, MD
Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationDeborah Hernandez
Research and ScholarshipEve Colson, MD
COMSEP Achievement AwardMary Ottolini, MD, MPH
Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationMarlo Eakes Meyer, MA
Research and ScholarshipJoseph Gigante, MD
Teaching and EducationMatthew Eberly, MD
Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationGretchen Shawver
Research and ScholarshipLinda Tewksbury, MD
Teaching and EducationAnne Elizabeth Stuart, MS
COMSEP Achievement AwardWilliam (Bill) Wilson, MD
Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationDonnita Pelser
Research and ScholarshipSherilyn Smith, MD
Teaching and EducationRobert Dudas, MD
COMSEP Achievement AwardJanet Fischel, PhD
Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationVirginia Cleppe
Research and ScholarshipJan Hanson, PhD
Teaching and EducationLindsay Lane, BM, BCh
COMSEP Achievement AwardBruce Morgenstern, MD
Excellence in Clerkship AdministrationGary Beck, PhD
Teaching and EducationLeslie Fall, MD /Norm Berman, MD
COMSEP Achievement AwardLarrie Greenberg, MD

Please contact with any questions about the COMSEP Awards program.