Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics


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Strategies for Instruction from the 1995 and 2002 COMSEP Curricula

Implementation Strategies

Section A
Promoting Generalism in the Pediatric Clerkship - Jerold C. Woodhead

Section B
Implementation of the New General Pediatric Core Curriculum: Possible Barriers and Strategies to Overcome Them - Ardis L. Olson

Section C
The Implementation of a Community Based Pediatric Ambulatory Experience - Albert P. Scheiner

Teaching Strategies

Section D
Teaching and Learning in the Pediatric Clerkship Setting - Janet E. Fischel

Section E
Recommendations for Teaching Strategies with a Core Curriculum in Pediatrics - Andrew P. Wilking

Section F
Student Self-Directed Learning - Stephen H. Sheldon & Ardis L. Olson

Section G
Strategies for Inpatient Generalist Focused Teaching - Nancy Kaufman

Section H
Strategies for Pediatric Subspecialists to Teach a Generalist Student Curriculum - Susan G. Marshall & Ardis L. Olson

Section I
Developing a Program to Improve the Teaching Skills of Faculty and Residents - Richard Sarkin

Section J
Housestaff as Educators - Gwendolyn Wright & Nancy Kaufman