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Fequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the COMSEP Administrators Mentoring Program (CAMP)?
    COMSEP's Administrator Mentoring Program is a diverse assembly of eager and enthusiastic seasoned administrators seeking to mentor new Pediatric Clerkship Coordinators. At COMSEP's annual meetings the theme for the administrators is to create a learning environment where participation and collaboration are key elements. It is an environment where administrators collaborate to develop ways to enhance their professional development and pediatric medical student education, and foster the learning of new clerkship coordinators. Having a mentor/mentee helps tremendously with the underlying issues that administrators have with successfully carrying out their responsibilities as administrators.
  • How do I go about becoming a Mentor in the CAMP?
    If you would like to join CAMP, please email us at to get started!
  • I'm new to my position and would love to have a mentor that I can tap into every once in a while with questions. How do I go about getting one assigned to me?
    Feel free to email CAMP at to have a mentor assigned to you.
  • I'm a new Pediatric Clerkship Coordinator, and my department can't find funding for me to attend the COMSEP annual meetings, can I still join CAMP? Absolutely! CAMP is offered to all seasoned and new Pediatric Clerkship Coordinators/Administrators. Feel free to contact us at