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Experiencing COMSEP

There is something for everyone in Pediatric Medical Education! We have activities for new members, established members, and a new site for students. Our goal is excellence in Pediatric Education and part of that process is sharing and working with other educators.

The goal is to explicitly make sure that COMSEP provides the structure to meet all its members' needs - and to make everyone feel at home. This means we will measure our success by whether everyone feels nurtured and empowered to be a vital member of COMSEP. It also means that COMSEP is doing the most it can to support the personal and professional growth of its members.

New Members: We have specific activities for new members.

Mentoring Program:

COMSEP Mentoring: The Heart and Soul.
This is for everyone!

  • A new member of COMSEP (within first 3 years)
  • A mid level COMSEP member (by experience - someone who has been a member for approximately 3-6 years)
  • A senior COMSEP member ( By experience - more than 6 years - or so)
  • A founding father/mother (This doesn't mean old)

Mentors / Mentees:

  • We need senior level folks to be available for mentoring new and mid level members. If you would be willing to sign up - please contact Bill Wilson
  • We invite anyone looking for a mentor - or just some basic advice or company - to contact Bill Wilson. He will pair you with someone - who will answer your questions and either continue to follow through with you - or identify someone else - whose expertise is in line with your needs.
  • Bill Wilson will pair all of you up - mentors should call those looking for advice and set up a meeting at the annual meeting.

Task Force Participation: Jump in and share your ideas in the Learning Technology Task Force (LTTF), Curriculum Task Force, Evaluation Task Force, Faculty Development Task Force, and the Research Task Force. There are things happening that should interest everyone and any task force could benefit from your ideas and talents.

National COMSEP Meeting: Come to the meeting and get involved!
There is a wealth of activities for everyone:
Attend workshops, get new ideas, and share your ideas;
Present a workshop, poster, or oral research study;
Participate in the mentoring program or new clerkship directors meeting;
Meet people that are energized by education.

Student information: Though students aren't members of COMSEP this new website area, currently under development, may provide opportunities to share resources, guidance on residency choice, and practice test questions.