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COMSEP Annual Survey


The primary purpose of the COMSEP Annual Survey is to produce an accurate and comprehensive description of the current membership of the organization and the members' interests. This will allow us to better plan annual meetings, utilize resources, and respond to the major needs/interests of our membership. Improved knowledge of our membership and their needs will allow us to more effectively meet the mission of the organization. A secondary goal of the annual survey is to facilitate scholarship pertaining to medical education by our members and enhance the diffusion of knowledge within the organization by providing a mechanism for streamlined administration of targeted surveys about members' views and practices on relevant educational issues. The first annual survey was conducted in 2009; since that time it has occurred on an annual basis.

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2016 Annual Survey

Members are encouraged to submit questions of scholarly intent that have not previously been addressed (unless there is a compelling reason to repeat the questions) to be considered for inclusion in the annual COMSEP survey. The purpose of the questions is to enhance scholarship by COMSEP members related to pediatric undergraduate medical education. In an effort to improve the response rate to the COMSEP Annual Survey while implementing it on a date better suited to submitting abstracts based on the survey to the COMSEP and PAS annual meetings, the Committee has changed the survey timing to Feb-April. The survey for 2016 will be active for about 6 weeks, starting around the time of the COMSEP Annual Meeting. Eligible participants will be sent an email with a link to the survey plus a Username and password. Reminders will be sent every 2-3 weeks until the survey closes.

Each person intending to submit questions for the survey should complete the COMSEP Annual Survey (CAS) Intake Form and submit it by September 29th at 5 pm (Pacific Time), either by clicking the link at the top right corner or by saving the PDF file and emailing it to

The survey committee will review the submitted proposals and provide feedback to submitters (including a possible request to revise and resubmit their proposals). Investigators will be informed whether their topic has been selected for inclusion by mid-November. Investigators will then be asked to write their Survey Questions and pilot testing them to confirm that they take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete, before submitting the final proposed questions by the end of December. Once finalized, the survey questions will be reviewed by the Annual Survey Committee and the COMSEP Executive Committee and additional feedback provided for revisions if necessary. Investigators need to obtain IRB approval from their respective institutions, if needed, for analyzing the survey data provided to them; documentation of IRB submission/approval will be required before the investigators' questions can be included in the Annual Survey.

As a reminder, this is a great opportunity for COMSEP members to become investigators, as the COMSEP Annual Survey is a mechanism which allows COMSEP members to ask questions of a nationally representative sample of leaders in pediatric medical education.


Lavjay Butani, MD
Chair, COMSEP Annual Survey Committee